My Services

Together, with kindness and attention, we will develop a system suited to your wishes and needs.
At Raeumlich Gluecklich, there is no ready-made solution, everyone has its own system!

Our goal: to create a system to simplify your daily life and prevent the return of clutter. With a tidy environment and a well-organized daily routine you can save time, with more freedom for yourself, your family and your leisure activities.

You will also avoid unnecessary expenses and will find new energy, clarity and well-being in your new living space.


Organisation Coach – Home Organiser
Why? To identify and analyse the specific difficulties you are encountering in your daily life and to optimise your space.

My answer in 2 steps:
– A visit to your space, a review of your
objectives and personalized advice on site.
– A personalized action plan for tidying up and organisation to be applied at your own pace.

Organisation Service
Why? To help you sort, de-clutter, tidy, organise, optimise or simply rearrange your living space.

My answer:
– An active and attentive accompaniment to put your objectives into practice directly in your home, whether it is only a cupboard or your entire living space (not limited to your cellar or attic).
– Specific service for your complete wardrobe.

Other Services
Why? For any purchase or sale of objects or clothes, or any other type of storage!

My answers:
-Support with purchasing furniture and clothes
-Sale service for new and preloved objects
-Support with moving and residential liquidations
-Support with sorting photos and creating
customised photo albums
-Support with events‘ organisations (weddings,
birthdays, parties, etc…)

Would you like to have a look at what have been achieved or to know more about pricing?

100% YOU

In partnership with Marie des Courières, interior designer – Apropos Innenraum.
A key duo for an original, stylish and practical piece of furniture!

What’s your perfect furniture?

Why? To design and create your tailor-made ideal piece of furniture in order to optimise the capacity of your living space.

My answer:
100% tailor-made. From the draft to the realization of this piece of furniture, going through the detailed design, we offer you a complete service which adapts to your whishes and needs.
-Wether it’s a desk, dressing room, entrance furniture, space under the staircase, we identify your needs and study all possible configurations.

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Why? To allow you to fully concentrate on your core competencies by relieving yourself of administrative tasks!

My answer in 2 steps:
-A meeting to understand your needs and concentrate on your objectives.
-A 360° tailor-made support:
*Organisation Coach
*Personal assistant
*Office organisation and management:
purchase of equipment and supplies,
organisation of your space and your stock
*Organisation of internal and external events

Would you like to have a look at what have been achieved or to know more about pricing?

Did I spark your interests? If so, please get in contact! 

During our initial meeting, we will create an overview of your needs and wishes.
You can choose between one of my packages or I can create you a 100% tailor-made and non-binding offer.