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If you have come this far, it is because you have thought about your current situation and you may be thinking about changing it.

Do you dream of a welcoming, tidy, organised space, but above all, one adapted to your lifestyle? Are you looking for a new living comfort that will save you time?

Because a well-balanced living space is the key to serenity, I will guide you in order for you to regain possession of your space and daily life, according to your needs and objectives.

Organisation coach and home organiser, married and happy mother of three children, I live in Munich for over 20 years. Through my role as a full-time working mother of a large family, I have developped strong organisational skills.
In addition, I have always been passionate about order, optimisation and recycling.

Raeumlich Gluecklich is born from the desire to share all my experience and love for this profession in order to help you regain your well-being, freedom and tranquillity.

My values are mutual trust, individual advice and support.

„A goal without a plan is just a wish.“
Antoine de Saint Exupery

Why contact me?

– You do not have the time, the strength or the courage to tidy up and declutter?

– Are you afraid to start tidying up because you think you will not be able to?

– You do not know how to tidy up or where to start?

– You want to optimise your storage methods, your daily family and household organisation and logistics?

– You cannot get rid of your things?

– Your wardrobes are full of clothes and you cannot find anything to wear or what goes well together?

– Do you need a personal assistant, a support for managing and organising your office on a punctual or regular basis?

– Are you planning a private or professional event and need personalized support?

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Marie Tanniou
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